Emma West


Emma West established her ceramics studio in 2000 and concentrates on producing a range of stoneware and porcelain tiles. Hers is a sensitive and personal approach to material and technique which focuses on surface texture and impression to create an image, using glazes to emphasize design.

The colour palette of Emma’s work, though not broad, is classic; gradations of blues, greens, greys and turquoise underpin the subtle detail of the surface line.

A range of tiles made using seasonally available leaves and flowers from the surrounding gardens forms a substantial portion of the studio output each year. From the Snowdrops and Primroses of Springtime to the Honeysuckles and Angelicas of Autumn, there is always an evolving array of tiles available.

A new body of work using impressed hand embroidery is currently underway; this echoes more traditional printing techniques while bringing the permanence of porcelain to the fragility of a stitch.

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